look up here, man, i’m in heaven

It’s been some week. David Bowie died on sunday/monday which was distressing enough as it was, but then Alan Rickman died on thursday.
Both were upsetting (bowies shaded it slightly), both were shocking because the pair of them usually appear in good health.

In other news, not much else going on – a fair bit of photography, keeping ticking over with the college work, and the higher being set. If i can stay on top of it all, and make a good case for what i want to shoot for my higher, i could just about pull it off.
Lets see, what else – Love life, nothing doing. No changes there. But i’m not distressed about it…no point in getting upset….it’s not my fault, it’s not my choice, and i’ve not met anyone worth the risk of asking. Plus, why commit to someone who’s in it for material gain – not because they want to be with me.

nothing else to say right now – call it a day there.