just wanna do something special ,for all the ladies in the world

time for an update.

had a date in glasgow a few weeks ago – the date itself went well. but the girl, Jan, had decided by the next day that she didn’t feel as if we had enough in common. Which was a strange thing to say, considering that we actually had more in common that i’d first thought. But whatever, she obviously didn’t feel the same way. I’m getting on with my life now, but it devastated me at the time. It’s the first time in quite a long time that i’d met a girl that i found i really liked, and to end up back on square one by the end of the next day. i couldn’t work out if i had done something wrong, if i had came on too strong. i was convinced that it was my fault somehow, and was reduced to tears, sitting on the kitchen floor 2 days later.

As luck would have it the next girl i started to chat to, so i could get back on the horse, also happens to come from glasgow. there is something that i feel i almost have in common with girls/women from Glasgow, as well as find a lot of them somewhat appealing. They don’t seem as uptight as Edinburgh girls – they seem a bit more game for a laugh, show more of an obvious sense of humour, and seem looser and easier going. a lot of Edinburgh girls seem to have this idea that they are better than you, and that they are somehow owed something by the rest of the world. They’re more uptight, and can tend to act as if you’re are not worthy of their time or attention. Not all of them, but certainly a lot of them.

It seems like a bit of a cruel joke, that the type that i have most in common with, in terms of upbringing , world-view, and sense of humour are the ones that are not so easily accessible. In a way, so near and yet so far.

Glasgow is like valhalla, whereas Edinburgh can feel like purgatory. That said, we do have the festival….its slightly easier to get by when its on, cos the city loosens up a bit.
I suppose if it was on all of the time, it would get a bit boring but its a pretty accurate observation – edinburgh only loosens up  and is laid-back and worthy of attention a few times in a calendar year – spring, the festival season and new year.