she’s my priestess, i’m her priest

i don’t like myself very much at the best of times, but today was a visit back to the bad old days, where i’d spend most of the day hating myself – then sit on the bus home, on the edge of bursting into tears based on how bad i had felt all day.

And it was all because of my own clumsiness / stupidity. i lost a birthday present – a gift that i’ve had for like 2 weeks. its a small leather bracelet with a magnetic clip that holds it fastened, thats fell off my wrist on the way to work this morning.
the worst part of all of this, is that because of the world we live in nowadays, it wouldn’t have been handed in anywhere as lost property – if its been picked up, its been pocketed by whoever has found it.
if all of that was not bad enough, i mentioned it to the customer service desk at work, to cover my bases if it turned out it had fell off my wrist in store somewhere. But the person at customer service desk may as well have laughed in my face, as she stood there the entire time with a smirk on her face,while i was stood there explaining the situation, and giving a description of the missing item. I’m no customer service expert, but if i had someone who was a little distressed and anxiously trying to describe something, i wouldn’t stand there grinning like an idiot in their fucking face and would actually try to be of some help. but thats just me.

clearly, people at customer service desks have something against me – the last time i had to report lost property, it was a lost wallet and the guy at that desk was just as unhelpful.

i’m grinding my teeth with the stress of replaying todays events in my head, so i’m going to go sit on my own, in a bad mood, and stew about it for a little while.



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