I had to phone someone so i picked on you…

i’m going to write about the last couple of days.
On Saturday, i had the college day – the Saturdays are always quite good craic, and this one was no exception.
In the morning, the task was to reflect back on an exercise from earlier in the year, and either write down or discuss which changes we thought we had gone through, to compare with earlier in the year. Then in the afternoon, we had been tasked (much earlier in the module) with either writing or finding a poem or song or some creative way of expressing our learning throughout Module 3.
We got finished earlier than usual, so i headed into Edinburgh to meet Mike – we had some food then bussed it into town to catch up, shoot the breeze, have a few drinks. Later in the evening, we met a girl from his office at work, and  some of her friends. Suffice to say, i was more than impressed with one of her friends – a seriously pretty brunette named Natasha. It was quite a noisy pub that we met them in, so i’m not sure where she came from…i could detect an accent, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Mike thought it may have been a Czech accent, but i’m not sure – i thought she actually sounded south african, but what do i know? not much. We only spent an hour or so in their company, but i was really taken with the girl i’d been talking to. Its not as if i  felt i was was in with a chance – she was a bit out of my league, but took the time to talk to me all the same. She’d been talked into some sort of blind date by her flatmate, a guy was coming to the pub to meet her. Having heard that, i kind of kept quiet and went a bit distant, and we went off to another pub (which was a bit busy, so me and mike set off to do our own thing, but met Natasha on the way down the hill, who’d left the guy who’d came to meet her in the pub , describing him as ‘a bit strange’. Being a rather attractive girl, she had no problems getting past the bouncers,  into the pub we’d just tried to get into…it was fine for her to get in, but apparently not cool for me and mike to go in. go figure.
We went to opium instead, had another drink or two, then called it a day there.

Sunday, i went to St Andrews on a family trip, had a nice long walk on the beach, then wandered around the town centre, found out that due to another result of a football game in the afternoon, Hearts had achieved promotion.
We went home, and out for dinner, and capped off another great day. The Following day was my 30th birthday, so it was quite a chilled out day, mainly sitting in the house not doing much, receiving birthday greetings on Facebook and finished off the day helping trying to build Finlays birthday present.

It’s been a great few days, and i’ve been walking a bit taller, had a bit of a spring in my step.

I like this feeling good about myself thing – i could get used to it.

It gives me a bit of confidence going forward, which i wouldn’t trade for anything.


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