if only thats what it was really like…

Recently, i’ve started watching Six Feet Under.
So far, i’ve found it enjoyable enough to follow. I’m however many years late to the party, but to me,  It seems fairly well written, and offers a darkly funny, and at times dramatic take on the every day aspect of peoples lives – along with how death affects people, how grief can manifest itself.
The cast is good too – I like Michael C. Halls work anyway, but he shows how versatile he is. Peter Krause, and Rachel Griffiths should be in more stuff too – maybe they have been, and i just haven’t seen them in anything. They have a familiarity about them, that you feel like you’ve watched them in stuff before.
But there are 2 things i find myself taking issue with, whenever i resume watching it. Its not necessarily an exclusive issue with Six Feet Under, but i’ll use it as an example, as its something i’ve been thinking of quite recently. I think, really, what i’m actually bothered about is how people writing for television,  portray relationships with people – specifically, Sexual relationships. It’s not realistic. i mean, i get that some shows are written as fantasy, and a form of escapism. But a lot of shows are written, seemingly, with the idea of being true to real life. And in these shows, people seem to fall out of bed with each other, straight into the arms of other people. Life, as i know it, is nothing like that. There are a lot more people in stable relationships (with all the good and bad things that that entails) than there are people sleeping around. For the most part, people in real life appear to be more loyal to their partners (not all the time, and for some people it just seems to be when it suits them). I’m getting away from the point here….what i’m trying to say is that tv writers would have you believe that reality is where its all just good looking people f*cking each other, and creating drama, and there are no real consequences to it. Life is not like that though – certainly not in my experience. Not everybody is ( or sees themselves as) an overly confident, good looking individual that puts it about, for want of a better, less crude expression. Some of us are genuine, intelligent, polite,  under confident average guys that are petrified of the idea of showing women their vulnerable side, because the fear of rejection is too real a threat to be overcome so easily as it is on TV. And i bet there are a lot of women out there, who see it similarly to how i do.

I saw this in a few episodes, and i couldn’t help but thinking- ” life isn’t like this…not for normal people anyway. the people who write this are exploiting a very real part of life, and making it into something that it really isn’t”. Sex is not likely to be as glamorous as it is in films or on TV. Thats just an idea, i don’t know if theres truth to it either way.

that might read a bit like stream-of-conscience thinking, but there was a lot of thought put into it, and it makes enough sense to me. Yeah, the point got away from me here and there, but i do make a point (a good one) overall.

Another issue with six feet under, is that the characters get to interact with the people in their life that are no longer with us, even if these interactions are in the characters imagination…what they think their departed loved ones would say about the situation. I wish it was like that – i’d love to have that opportunity to have known what advice i could be given at any given point. Really, i wish i could have that extra time with them…but often, it’s too painful to remember who and what i’ve lost.
Pain, possibly because i wasn’t ready to lose them, even if the time was right for them to go, given the circumstances of their health etc. when they passed.

This post likely makes no damn sense, but i just thought i’d use it to get some stuff off my chest. 🙂


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