some puerto rican guy…

have fell behind with the blogging – don’t always have anything to write about mind you, and when i do, i rarely have the angry.

no real changes over the last few months, other than having totally lost patience with work.
They’ve worn out their welcome, and i’ve had more than enough. i’m just in a bit of a hard place right now, because college is at a critical point just now, it would be a mistake to walk away right now and upset the equilibrium. whether i apply for uni or not is another matter – i feel i should do it, chance my arm. but whatever happens, i can’t stay at sainsburys much longer because i deserve better, and know i can do better.

as far as uni is concerned, i wish there was more options of places to study the counselling diploma. it only seems to be University of Edinburgh, and a university in glasgow that seem to run it. is it not even an option, Heriot Watt? Napier? come on guys, get your acts together.



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