Uncle Bob? no-one of that name lives here sir…


have i ever had to make a difficult decision to sort a problem out myself, or asked someone else to fix it for me?

yes, of course – but the way i’m going to interpret it is as 2 separate situations.

i’m quite an independent person these days, which i’m quite proud of, but i feel that i’ve had to instil that in myself to get by. Don’t get me wrong, i’m at the tail end of my thirties, and i still live with my parents. But i consider myself to be an independent man, i never borrow money from anyone, especially my parents, and i only ask for favours if it’s not going to inconvenience people. if and when a problem arises i use my initiative and try to be proactive and get the situation sorted out quickly and quietly.

But i do also have to ask for a lot of help if things have become too much for me, and i’ve let the stress get to me, or i’ve bottled up my emotions and how i’ve felt for longer than would be considered healthy, and i’ve had to go to the 2 people i trust other than myself – you guessed it, my mum and dad – when i’m on the verge of breaking into tears (and frequently have let it all  out). Knowing when to fix things yourself and when to ask for help is a part of life, whether we like it or not.


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