how dare i?

Apparently i should be ashamed of myself for wanting to vote no in the scottish independence referendum, which takes place a week on thursday. Shame on me? no, shame on you, is what i’d like to say to the people lobbying for the yes campaign. You’ve lost sight of something in your determination to ram your point down other peoples throats. you’ve turned on your fellow Scots. With your veiled, and not so veiled threats made at every corner, strong arming, abuse, intimidation, threats of physical violence. yeah…shame on me.

Bullying by any other name is still bullying.

i have my reasons for voting no, but i feel like doing it out of sheer spite now, just to get back at the people who judge me because of my wish for the united kingdom to remain united. I think some of you have watched Braveheart once to often, and allowed yourself to be swept up in the SNP’s campaigning, and empty statements and slogans.

in short;
to the yes campaigners – Fuck you. You will find that pushing me into a corner will only make me more determined to push back and do the thing you don’t want me to do.

Better Together.


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