the great divide

tends to be non fiction – i like to learn about people.
will read fiction every now and then, though.


handle with extreme care

about 60 % of the time, i take things personally and react negatively to criticism, constructive or not. a lot of the time, i think i should have thought of doing the thing i’ve been criticised about, in a sort of ‘covering all my bases’ sort of issue. no-ones perfect, i know, but i feel i try to be prepared so much that i let myself down by missing any detail, obvious or not.

i’m a nightmare to be around….60 % of the time.
the other 40 %, i’m an absolute delight.

what difference does it make?

i don’t know why i get so upset anytime any girl i might want to show any interest in, reveals that they are not in fact single. even if they were, it’s not like i have the confidence or guts to act on it anyway.
I always just feel like i’ll be the one that will be publicly humiliated by some uninterested female. because it feels like thats the sort of luck that i’ve got. Even though theres nothing wrong with me, physically. i’m naturally, and attractive women intimidate me because i put a lot of value on what they think of me as a male – how i look and what i’m like. that may make me sound shallow but thats how it is, i guess. i’ve probably said as much before, but physical attraction has a large part in your interest in a girl, and i call bullshit on any guy who says otherwise.
obviously its not the be all and end all when looking for a potential partner – in my opinion, a great sense of humour is also a must, and having some common interests helps…but that element of attraction has a large say in how it all goes.

it’s my opinion …its your choice whether you agree or not.