Head Turners ‘say what?’


the strangest snippet of conversation that i’ve heard of late was ‘ Thanks for that. I’d have seen them myself but i had my hand up a squid…’
not something you tend to hear every day. i work on the food counter at a supermarket, and one of the guys on the fresh meat and fish counter must have been busy preparing squid for sale, leaving him unable to see to a customer. the explanation behind the ‘head turner’ is never as fun as the line itself.


what’s your poison?


Sailor Jerry rum and coke. Hits the spot time after time, and nice taste to chase down a beer.

i can appreciate though, that drinking isn’t everything, and many people get by fine without it.
It does help me loosen up, but i shouldn’t need to drink to feel relaxed.


Not really.

I’ve managed to get my shit together this week, and make what i hope is a positive move in my own future, by signing up for a college course that i’ve wanted to do for a few years. i was originally signed up for full time study in a course that…really, my heart was never in. i was talked into it but managed to discover in time that it was wrong for me, and managed to speak to all the right people in time to make the changes needed.

the last 2 days have made a lot of things much clearer – both bad and good. now, all i have to do is take these things on board to make things easier on myself in future, and not be so much of an idiot next time.

what do i want to say…

feel a bit pre-occupied today….felt the same yesterday to be honest. i don’t know why, i just do. i don’t really feel like i have many reasons to keep going, keeping up this impression – thats all this is, me doing an impression of someone who doesn’t feel too strongly about anything.
so much emphasis seems to be put on not appearing miserable in front of other people. but why? its not like anyone else really cares – they just don’t want the way you’ve found yourself feeling to impact on them or their day. people ask you if somethings up, but really nobody gives a shit. everyone is out for themselves…so why should i continue to be a nice guy….why shouldn’t i start looking out for number one. if its good enough for everyone else, then it’s good enough for me.
why should i remain dependable, to benefit people who themselves don’t extend me the same courtesy?

i am sick to the back teeth of being a doormat – sick of people thinking they can just walk all over me.

i last had writers block


i last had writers block in May. i go through long periods of not being able to write because of stress or not being in the right frame of mind. it was late night on the day of my grandmothers birthday ( the first that she hasn’t been here for – she passed away in december) than i decided to channel my upset into something creative – just so i could express how i felt and get it out of my system.

i wasn’t able to read most of it by the time i finished because i was crying so much.