that feels much better…

after a long journey, soon as the front door to the house is unlocked,

i’m upstairs, in my room, fully clothed LYING IN MY OWN BED.

there is nothing quite like the feeling of lying in your own bed, when you’re jet-lagged, hungry, seriously tired and…if you’re like me, not the greatest of travellers – very prone to travel sickness. so lying in my own space for a few hours is the one way to bring me back to my best. the system reverts back to normal – stillness after all that stopping and waiting, and flying, sitting on a plane for hours, arriving back home from the airport.

whether you’re on holiday, on a weekend away, even staying overnight at a friends after one too many drinks….the bed is never quite as satisfying as the one waiting for you at home.


One thought on “that feels much better…

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