take a picture, it’ll last longer


Take a picture it’ll last last longer. an old phrase that gets more and more use from me, which each passing week. it was used obviously, if someone was helping themselves to a good long look at you and you had an issue with that.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer. having strangers eyeballing you is not enjoyable, if you’re as self conscious as i am. nothing gives you a complex quite like people who don’t know you staring at you it can make introverted quiet types like myself feel uncomfortable. it’s probably just me doing my usual, expecting the worst – putting a negative spin on it. but most of the time doing it feels justified. i hate feeling self-conscious because i’ve spent most of the time since my adolescence and most of my twenties feeling self-conscious, leading to a severe lack of confidence,leading to low self esteem, leading to having issues with anxiety and depression and feeling inadequate in comparison to my friends and family. they must be staring at something – i think – there must be something wrong with the way that i look. i’m not a bad looking guy, really (my Gravatar is obviously not exactly what i look like…i did that on PhotoBooth and it made me laugh).
but when i do feel shitty and get into that ‘me against the rest of the world’ headspace, theres only thought in my head, one thing i’d like to say when i see people staring at me…Take a picture, it’ll last longer


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