Full Disclosure


Yes, but only if i was allowed a trial period with it first. you know, a sort of ‘test drive’. I’d like to think i could use it to my own ends, convince people that i’m psychic. As it happens, i’m eager to find out what people think of me or how people truthfully feel about me, because no-one tells me. and if they do, usually alcohol has been involved. which is never a good idea. It’d be useful with certain people in my social circle – it would possibly give me the upper hand in some situations.
One worry is that you’re not allowed to turn it off, which makes me wonder how it’d be possible to get any sleep at night. whether you’re able to know these thoughts about yourself while not being face to face with the people having them. even if that wasn’t the case, you’d still have problems sleeping because you’d have that knowledge now, that perhaps your friends or family are not quite as happy with you as your are with them.

its an interesting situation, an interesting question.


3 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

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    • meganmt says:

      What if it was not a trial period? What if you could not distinguish your own thoughts from other’s thoughts?

      • thats quite an interesting idea in itself. that you’d get confused enough by everyone else’s thoughts being in there, it would difficult to distinguish between your own thoughts and other peoples.

        for my original post, the idea of a ‘trial period’ would have been my own stipulation. it was just an idea. if it was a real situation and it was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer required…i’d say no because it would be fiddling with my brain chemistry – which is just one part of what makes somebody who they are. you ask interesting questions though 🙂

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