people change

among the people i’ve known the longest is the guy that was my best friend at high school. people change – and not always for the better. it was a friendship that appeared to be on borrowed time from the day we finished school. while i went straight into employment, he went on to college, then uni. i met new people through work, and moving to work environments and he met people through college and university…but its funny how your old friends and new friends don’t really mesh together. while still remaining in contact, it wasn’t quite the same, and over the passing of time, we’ve spoke less and less. particularly when he went on to meet the girl he ended up getting married to, but i don’t reckon that they bring out the best in each other. obviously he’s happily married (i’m still single, i still haven’t met the right girl)…but it was a further change for the worse if my opinion counts for anything. i’d basically decided enough was enough and to stay out of contact around the middle of last year, after finding out that they’d been making a fool out of me behind my back following their wedding last year.

it hurts, finding out that a friend that you used to hold in high esteem has been using you as the punchline to a ‘joke’, to entertain people. obviously, these aren’t the sort of people i want to mix with any more.


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