the turning of the tide

i spent most of the afternoon exercising at the gym – i threw myself into it as ever and put myself through my paces. i set myself the goal of getting to the number 1 position in the daily rankings on the machines i was using. this is a good thing – slowly but surely, my competitive side has come back. it comes to that thing of being rewarded for the effort that you put in. my weight had stabilised around the 19 stone mark – and i’ve noticed the change in shape of my legs and thighs, and what lifting weights had done for me – the guns are on their way back.
it’s not even just the physical effects i’m noticing – it can help declutter my mind, and get me thinking a lot clearer and keep the not so pleasant thoughts (that i’m prone to now and then) at bay for a while. and importantly, it gets the creative juices flowing. basically – on a good day it makes me feel like i’m capable of anything. and for that, i’m grateful.

it helps my independent side as well. not needing to rely on people or their company to go out and get things done. it keeps me busy, and in the main, keeps me busy which means keeping me out of trouble – i’m my own worst enemy if i get too much time to myself to start thinking negatively again. i’ve had more than enough of that, so anything to keep that particular wolf from the door is a great thing.

the blogging is helping too.


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