striking a chord

i got a guitar for my 21st birthday, and since then i’ve taught myself to play to a level that so far i’m happy with ( i’m 29 now)….i don’t read music, anything i can play has been learnt by hearing something in a song and through patience, & playing and playing and playing till it sounds right – anything that i’ve come up with myself has come from the same sort of process. as it happens, i’m something of an introvert and lacking in the self confidence to do anything with it. but it helps me remain somewhat creative.
while i can appreciate the skills of the guys who can play the long soaring guitar solos, or play really well technically, what interests me about guitar is being able to play in a way that i get a textured sound. sometimes, the simple stuff can sound more effective than the more complicated things that i can’t play. it can be frustrating talking to other players – guys who are much better than me, because i can’t put into words what i’m trying to be able to do…but i wouldn’t change a thing.
it’s a string i’m proud to have on my bow.


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