stand up comedy

i hope this works.
i would love to be a stand up comedian. its an idea that i’ve thought about for a few years, but a lot more seriously recently. i know that i can be witty, and funny, and i know i can make people laugh. i have a unique sense of humour – i can do deadpan, but i can also do surreal because i have a vivid imagination, and in a way, i think i could pull off material that people can identify with… to start with, all i’d have to do is write some decent material, and find the guts to book in a place on an open mic night at a comedy club – somewhere like The Stand. if its good enough for guys like Phill Jupitus, Russell Kane, Robin Ince et al….then it would be a fitting place for me to  to give it a shot.



One thought on “stand up comedy

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